How it Works

BenchBuilder is designed to provide sales representatives with a good understanding of the sales manager role.

And to help an organization and the sales rep determine if they should start to pursue a management career or continue their focus on personal production.

BenchBuilder was developed from LIMRA’s extensive leadership and management research as well as the Hoopis Performance Network’s field-tested systems & best practices.

The curriculum allows sales reps and their sponsoring managers to collaborate on 16 management activities designed to provide a better understanding of a manager’s role. The purpose is to help both the organization and the management candidate determine whether a role in leadership is a fit.

BenchBuilder – the six key responsibilities

BenchBuilder activities align with the six key responsibilities of field sales managers:

Recruiting and selecting – Identifying, attracting, and selecting qualified individuals for opportunities within the organization.

Training – Instilling basic skills in new recruits and providing continued development of all team members.

Performance management – Helping sales reps set and work toward goals, assessing their progress, and providing feedback to develop high-performance sales teams.

Target market planning and development – Providing sales reps with the guidance to analyze and select appropriate target markets in which to expand their business

Business management – Managing finances and running a sales office in a financially efficient manner.

Team development – Setting sales office goals and direction and taking the steps necessary to accomplish those goals.

Pragmatic & Interactive, Not Academic or Passive

READ - Each module has a “chapter” the candidate is required to read.

DO - Each chapter contains instructions for the projects associated with that module.

DISCUSS – Manager meets with candidate to review and discuss completed project.

Activities & Projects By Module

Investing in Your Future
  • Self-assessment
Recruiting Sales Talent
  • Identifying Potential Candidates
  • Recruiting Through Personal Contact
Expanding Your Reach with Nominators
  • Approaching Nominators
  • Developing Your Network of Nominators
The Selection Process
  • The Selection Process in Action
  • Using Market Opinion Surveys as a Selection Tool
Training for Improved Performance
  • Using PESOS to Plan Training
  • Conducting a One-on-One Skill Building Session
Managing Performance
  • Developing a Performance Management Program
Target Market Planning and Development
  • Personal Market Analysis
  • Measuring Market Potential
  • Developing a Target Marketing Strategy
Achieving Sales Leadership
  • Values-Based Motivation
Making the Career Decision: Sales or Sales Leadership
  • Self-Analysis of Sales and Sales Leadership Skills
  • Relationships Between Personal Goals and a Sales Leadership Career

BenchBuilder Features & Benefits

Online business system
  • Structures a readiness track for developing managers
Contemporary content
  • Prepares candidates for the challenges of today’s sales managers
Individualized tracks
  • Enables each management candidate to experience the most appropriate aspects of the opportunity at the most appropriate time
Centralized platform
  • Keeps sponsoring manager and candidate informed of progress
  • Helps organizations track talent management at the field level
Easy integration with LIMRA & HPNs
  • Provides for a consistent, continuous, end-to-end management development process

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